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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Episode 03 - There Be a Flaw in the Plan

Golly, TC, I again completely block your broadcast from going through and you just sit there in Tower Rock doing . . . what?  Is it chow time?  Or are you too busy telling your fellow villains how you're "totally innocent" and undeserving of this fate?

Do you just release these out into an alternate universe with no thought to what happens next?

Well, you've managed to make me bored.  I've already improved the knuckle joints in my gloves and stopped a bank robbery (btw, I was nowhere near my computer at that time, and you would have had encountered no resistance had you tried to re-post, which seems to be your favored type of competition), and I'm not going to sit here waiting to see if you try to fix this any longer.  A shame.  I was anxious to see just how much technical ability you may have.

Here you are, good citizens:  Episode 03, where Tropic Cyclone tells you all about Doctor Strange and Iron Man 2.

Send her some feedback.  Let her know it's really not cool to pollute other dimensions.